Monday, October 10, 2011

Quick Update and a picture

We are going make an effort at keeping you guys up to date more often. I want to reassure everyone that we are hard at work to get a beta version of the game ready. I can't give a firm date on release yet but we are releasing this year!

I can definitely say that ManaCraft plays a lot better then the current competition and you will have a lot more fun with it. We have optimized our engine to the highest degree and you will see very smooth frame rates.

We have so many cool things we've added but don't want to reveal yet, at least not until our official trailer is ready which will announce the release date.

Some things that I can confirm is that we are focusing on both quests and building. The questing aspect of the game will have adventures taking you into caves, dungeons, labyrinths and towns. We have lots of creatures to fight including dark wizards and dragons. There is lots of items and weapons but main focus will be on magic and spells and will give you guys more info on this soon. Think Diablo II and NetHack.

The building aspect was another big focus and here we have really innovated from whats out there right now. It's killing me not being able to give it all away as testing it has been a lot of fun! If you like building you will be in heaven!

Here is a quick render of our livestock in the game. We will be posting images throughout the week showing of more enemies including dragons.

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  1. Awesome. This game will be one of the bests.

    Force field:
    So trolls or whatever mobs don't destroy your building at night. You are able to see your force field, and you should be able to place the actual post (forcefield post). If any mobs come and try to kill you, they get decintegrated. You can scavenge items from them. It uses up mana, and you get store mana that you have for it.
    Casting spells:
    Cast spells on any mob. Turns them into something that you can kill with ease.
    Recipe book:
    Maybe you can find recipe pages somewhere, or if you create some, you can have it in your book.
    That's all I know right now, can't wait for the game.