Saturday, December 10, 2011

OK, guys, big update!

First the bad news: we are not going to make it this year for the iPhone release. The good news is that we are also releasing for PC, Mac, Linux and Android! We should be ready to beta test soon, and have set up a beta sign-up page to register your account. This account will also be your account for the game. As you may already know, the iphone beta can support only a limited number of participants. The pc/mac/linux beta, however, will be open to all. All versions are compiled from the same code, so the experience is the same for all platforms, and the beta will be a great time for you to try before you buy! We will have an optional "pay if you want" during the beta for people who want to support us early and get a great discount on the PC/Mac/Linux version.

Sign Up for Beta NOW!

The game now has multiplayer between all platforms which means mobile players can join the same servers as PC/Mac and Linux players. There will also be save game synching for bringing your single-player game from your PC to your mobile and back. Multiplayer will consist of public and private game servers.

We currently have implemented:

-50 block types
-60 items
-Lighting calculations
-Liquid physics
-Falling block physics
-Infinite world
-Worlds with different seeds