Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Mind Flayer will eat your brain!

Mind Flayers are tentacle based creatures that feed on brains. They are high level creatures capable of attacking your mind and distorting your perception of reality. They also possess high intelligence and can cast spells. Defeating them will not be easy.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Red Dragon is a high level creature

We are going to have a few types of dragons in the game this one being the Red Dragon.
These guys will spot you from the sky most of the time and come at you with aerial attacks, not to say that you can't sneak up on them if they happen to be sleeping.
Red Dragons main attack is breathing fire at you but they can also lunge at you.
Magic is going to play a big factor in defeating this guy.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Quick Update and a picture

We are going make an effort at keeping you guys up to date more often. I want to reassure everyone that we are hard at work to get a beta version of the game ready. I can't give a firm date on release yet but we are releasing this year!

I can definitely say that ManaCraft plays a lot better then the current competition and you will have a lot more fun with it. We have optimized our engine to the highest degree and you will see very smooth frame rates.

We have so many cool things we've added but don't want to reveal yet, at least not until our official trailer is ready which will announce the release date.

Some things that I can confirm is that we are focusing on both quests and building. The questing aspect of the game will have adventures taking you into caves, dungeons, labyrinths and towns. We have lots of creatures to fight including dark wizards and dragons. There is lots of items and weapons but main focus will be on magic and spells and will give you guys more info on this soon. Think Diablo II and NetHack.

The building aspect was another big focus and here we have really innovated from whats out there right now. It's killing me not being able to give it all away as testing it has been a lot of fun! If you like building you will be in heaven!

Here is a quick render of our livestock in the game. We will be posting images throughout the week showing of more enemies including dragons.

More Graphic enhancements in this video

This Video was release about 4 weeks ago showing more development on our voxel engine. We also loaded in some creatures to test our lighting system. Will be posting more material and info in the next few days.